Digitalize Money Service Business


OmniAmla platform includes monitoring mechanisms that allow customer risk profiling using a variety of customizable scales based on transaction attributes, sanction violations, PEP etc. Read more

Omni Agent

OmniAgent module empowers onboarding of agents and sub-agents based on Service type such as Remittance, Money Exchange & Wholesale Bank Notes based on the regulatory guidelines. Read more

Omni Digital

Omni-Channel Remittance Solution gives an opportunity to connect with customers by offering convenience to perform transactions anytime, anywhere and to build a loyal customer base. Read more

Omni Xchange

OmniXchange is all in one modular solution designed to meet the requirement of Money Services Business Providers, Financial Institutions for bureau de change businesses. Read more

Omni Wallet

This will enable remittance house to offer eWallet service to Agents and also to end users for performing remittance and payments. Read More

Omni KYC

This module provides solutions for Standardized KYC (Know Your Customer i.e. eKYC and Face to Face) capturing for retail/P2P customers and KYB (Know Your Business) for Corporate/B2B Customers during the Onboarding stage. Read more

Omni Report

OmniReport generates a wide variety of out-of-the-box reports categorized under Branch, Agents, Back Office, Internal Compliance, Treasury, Marketing and Regulatory Compliance. Read more

Omni Auth (2 FA)

OmniAuth is an iOS and Android based mobile application to enable authorization of a user by scanning one-time QR codes generation based on its personal keys to allow to login to the OmniRemit platform. Read more

Omni Serve

This module enables integration with Counterpart Systems using Web Services, API, Batch File with Counterparts for Online /Real Time interfaces to process remittance and payment transactions. Read More

Wholesale Bank Note

Wholesale Bank Note is a very specialized business as it involves physical trading of currencies and for wholesale bank/corporate clients (at low margins). Read more

Omni Core

LIMIT Definition – Manage and allow transaction based on limit defined into system Read More

Omni Branch

OmniBranch is a fully web-based front-office module that enables the multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-services platform to process several transactions on a real-time basis. Read more

Omni Treasury

OmniTreasury is a real-time flexible end-to-end solution to help the client in FX rates management to improve profitability, liquidity monitoring for Nostro Accounts, Pre-funding and Settlement with Payout Partners. Read more

Omni Connect

OmniConnect is a custom Integration Layer to support flexible real-time API integration with any device, integration with Pay Out Partners, Core Systems for real-time processing of transactions. Read more

Omni Secure

OTP (One-time Password) – Time-sensitive one time password within Internet bank and mobile bank system. The application runs offline thus precluding data interception and spoofing. MAC (Message Authentication Code) Read More

Omni Features